Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter Hydration - What to Know!

While it's true, an ice-cold glass of water tastes especially delicious on a hot summer day, keep in mind that drinking the same amount of water in the winter is just as important. Staying hydrated during the winter months is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Culligan Lake of the Ozarks helps make accessing fresh, better-tasting water as simple as the touch of a button. There are many reasons to increase your daily water intake, but if you have trouble drinking enough water in the winter, we have some tips. Learn more about staying hydrated this time of year!

Benefits of proper hydration during winter:
  • Drinking water can give your immune system a boost and help prevent you from getting sick during peak cold and flu season.
  • Drinking water can increase your metabolism and help you feel full, longer. This can help ward off unwanted extra body weight when outdoor activity is limited.
  • Water helps regulate body temperature and is essential to the function of cells, tissues and organs. 
  • Drinking water keeps you hydrated internally and can help keep your skin soft and in optimum health. 
  • Try a warm beverage
    • Try warming up with a nice cup of hot green tea, or even hot water with lemon. These two hot beverages will keep you cozy on a chilly winter's day. 
  • Think outside the cup
    • Several fruits and vegetables have a high water content that can help you reach your daily intake goals. Produce like, broccoli, strawberries and celery are all great sources of water.
  • Do soup for supper
    • Swap your traditional entree for a soup. Low-calorie soups are a great way to sneak in some extra water.
  • Drink before you eat
    • Drink a glass of water before each meal. Make this a habit and you will be ahead of the hydration game!
Drinking water is an essential part of your household and diet, and proper hydration is important year-round. Culligan Lake of the Ozarks makes winter hydration easy and affordable with a variety of options. For the purest and most refreshing water available, Culligan drinking water systems and Culligan® Bottled Water and Bottle-Free® Coolers are just a few of the services Culligan Lake of the Ozarks provides. Learn how you can get great tasting water this winter delivered right to you. Visit our website or contact us at (573) 346-5221.

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