Tuesday, November 22, 2016

7 Reasons To Drink More Water During The Holidays

As your family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays, you typically offer something to quench their thirst. Water often takes a backseat to cold brews and sweet beverages, but science backs it - those extra trips to the faucet, or Culligan water dispenser, can prevent dehydration that can interfere with brain function and mood. Culligan Lake of the Ozarks wants to help you stay happily hydrated during the holidays with these creative reasons to keep your glass full of filtered, better-tasting water.

1. Relieve Fatigue

Feeling exhausted after cooking, cleaning, entertaining and running around after children? The holidays are a wonderful time of the year but for many, inviting friends and family into your home can leave you dragging in the evening, or even by mid-day. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration and even a small drop in your body's water levels can hurt you. The Institute of Medicine recommends approximately 2 to 3 liters of water per day.   

2. Improve Mood

If your household is like so many others around the holidays, there are lots of personalities, demanding lots of attention. You may find yourself overwhelmed and feeling a bit crabby. If so, take time to make more stops at the water cooler. Even mild dehydration can negatively affect your mood and ability to think - and you need to be your best, especially during the holidays!

3. Treat A Headache

If a dull ache creeps up in your head this holiday, the first thing that you can do to get some relief is drink plenty of water. To prevent a headache, drink filtered Culligan water frequently. Dehydration has been found to play a major role in the development of headaches, especially migraines. 

4. Help In Digestion 

Nearly 30 percent of indigestion is a result of dehydration. The body requires copious amounts of water to digest an average meal, and let's be honest, meals around the holidays tend to be a little larger than the average day. 

5. Flush Toxins

Water is an excellent detoxifier. If you're serving several beverage options at your holiday event, make water one of them! Drinking water works as a simple yet effective way to flush toxins from your body.

6. Fluid Replenishment

Water is an efficient replacement for lost fluids. Coffee, tea, cola, and alcoholic beverages have a diuretic effect that can actually impede your body from absorbing water. Avoid a negative water balance and drink plenty of water.

7. Aids In Weight Loss

Did you sample the cookies a few too many times or over indulge on the delicious dishes found on the holiday menu? If you need to shed some extra weight after the holidays, water can support you! When you drink water, it fills your stomach and reduces the tendency to eat more, so have a glass before your meal. Substitute water for high-calorie drinks like sodas.  

With all of the festivities surrounding the holidays, it can be easy to forget to drink the appropriate amount of water. With benefits like these, we know you'll want to contact Culligan Lake of the Ozarks and schedule an install for your own Culligan bottled water dispenser or bottle-free water cooler. Don't forget, as you're busy enjoying this holiday season, we'll bring the water to you! Your friends, family, and especially, your health will thank you! For more information about filtered water systems at the Lake of the Ozarks, visit www.CulliganPro.com or call 573-346-5221.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Products

Culligan Lake of the Ozarks is your leading provider of commercial and industrial water treatment systems and services. Culligan commercial solutions bring together innovative products and technical service to give our customers the best water experience possible. For years, Culligan has been providing high-purity water solutions to the industrial marketplace. Here are a few ways Culligan Lake of the Ozarks can assist your business.

How Can We Help?

We help companies maintain profits by meeting water production requirements and by controlling capital and operating expenses. Differing water sources, applications, flow rates and treated water qualites mean that every business has different water requirements. Culligan carries a wide array of water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis, and desalinization systems available to service almost any need.

Who Can We Help?

Culligan Lake of the Ozarks can provide water solutions for a variety of businesses, including but not limited to: 

  • Food Service and Restuarants
  • Hospitality and Lodging
  • Educational Facilites
  • Small Manufactures
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Grocery Stores
  • Small Businesses 

What can we do?

We manufacture and distribute water treatment, water level, and pH controls in addition to degasifiers, decarbonators, water recycling systems, cooling tower water treatment systems, deminarlizing equipment, desalination systems, water reclamation services, water recover systems and ion exchange equipment. 

How do we do it?

  1. Culligan® C&I Water Softeners
    • Culligan customers can realize substantial benefits by using treated water in boilers, hot water heaters, cooling towers, food service, laundry and vended services.
  2. Culligan® C&I Dealkalizers
    • Through a process much like softening, dealkalization reduces anions such as cholride, nitrate and sulfate in your water.
  3. Culligan® C&I Portable Exchange Deionizers
    • Culligan's Portable Exchange Deionized (PEDI) tank service provides all the benefits of deionized water without the high cost. We will help you determine which equipment will deliver the amount of water your business needs.
  4. Culligan®C&I Reverse Osmosis Systems
    • Used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications to reduce levels of dissolved minerals, particles, organic and silica in water.
  5. Culligan® C&I Filtration Systems
    • We offer a wide range of technologies, products and services to meet the water quality and quantity needs of our customers with high purity water applications. Visit with your local Culligan Man for details.
  6. Skid Mounted Systems
    • These systems are custom-designed to fit your needs. All equipment is skid-mounted, pre-piped and pre-tested at our facility to meed your business needs.
  7. Ultraviolet Water Treatment
    • Culligan's Ultraviolet Treatment is a physical, chemical-free process that attcks and destroys the DNA of the bacteria in your water. Contact us to request a free UV system consultation.
Contact Culligan Lake of the Ozarks to learn more about our commercial and industrial water services. No matter what type of business related water services you may need, Culligan has your solution. Our water treatment experts at the Lake of the Ozarks are happy to consult with you and recommend the best possible option. To learn more about our commercial water services, please call us at (573) 346-5221. 

277 Lower Business Park Road • Linn Creek, MO 65052 • (573) 346-5221

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Culligan Can Get Your Water Working Better For YOU

In your home, water works in two ways: for drinking and working. Whether it's to quench your thirst, clean your clothes or bathe in, the water in your home works hard. Culligan Lake of the Ozarks brings water treatment solutions and quality water to the lake area and is committed to getting your water working better for you. Culligan's water treatment solutions are customized to the water needs in your home. To help you determine how to treat the water in your home, we've defined the ways your water works for you and Culligan can help!

Drinking water

You may have noticed that your water has a strange taste or smell, or appears discolored, but why? No matter where your water comes from, it may contain contaminants that can affect the quality of your drinking water. Some common solutions to treat drinking and cooking water is through a Culligan® Water Filtration System. There are several filters designed to target the specific challenges of your home's water. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems address impurities and provide purified water right from the faucet. High efficiency whole house water filters allow you to enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher water from every faucet in the house. 

Working Water

Working water, which makes up most of the water usage in a typical home, is the water used around the house for washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and bathing, and is typically treated with a water softening system. Not only will a water softening system improve the quality of the water throughout your home, it can also extend the life of your appliances. Hard water contains higher amounts of minerals, like calcium and magnesium. This will alleviate sale build up which can clog and damage your appliances. You'll love the spotless glassware and kitchen and bath fixtures.

Whatever your in home water needs, we're sure to have a solution. When your water works for you, not only do you notice the better tasting drinking water, you'll see great results in and around your home. Culligan Lake of the Ozarks has one goal in mind, to make the water in your home work for you. To enjoy the best quality drinking water and softer working water, contact your local Culligan man at (573) 346-5221. Schedule an appointment for your in-home water test today!

Schedule your free home water analysis today!

277 Lower Business Park Road • Linn Creek, MO 65052 • (573) 346-5221

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Benefits of Culligan® Salt Delivery & Service

Culligan Lake of the Ozarks knows how to maintain your water system to help keep it running at peak performance. Once you've had us install your Culligan® Water Softener you'll want to maintain your home's water transformation with our salt delivery plan. In addition to the benefits of salt delivery, our experts will service your water softener, water filtration system, and drinking water system as needed. Additional benefits of Culligan Lake of the Ozarks salt delivery and water softener service below!

Salt Delivery

Culligan's salt delivery service means you get to enjoy automatic salt deliveries for your water softening system, without the heavy lifting. Keeping the salt tank full doesn't have to involve laboring over heavy salt bags. Don't worry about running out of salt, our convenient salt delivery service is automatic, so there's no need to call and schedule an appointment. In addition to salt delivery, your Culligan Man® will perform a 10 point inspection of your softener to make sure there are no leaks, verify the water level, and ensure the system is working properly.  It's as simple as that!

  • Convenient - No more lugging and lifting heavy bags
  • Dependable - Scheduled deliveries so you don't run out
  • Trusted - No one knows your equipment like your Culligan Man®
  • Confidence - 10 point inspection with every salt delivery

Water Softener Maintenance And Support

Who better to trust with the service and repair of your water treatment system than the trusted water experts at Culligan? As a certified water expert, your Culligan Service Technician is ready to repair any brand of water softener, water filter system and drinking water system. From a regular tune up to a major repair, you can trust your Culligan Man to be there when you need him. Ask your Culligan Man about all of our repair services.

  • System tune up
  • Water quality check
  • Set or re-set timers and sensors
  • Check for salt bridging in the tank
  • Culligan Service Agreement
A Culligan® Water Softener can transform your home's water from the shower to your laundry room and reduce the problems associated with hard water. If you haven't already installed a Culligan® Water Softener and need more information contact your local Culligan Man. At Culligan Lake of the Ozarks, we offer a variety of services, and are dedicated to solving your water problems. We can recommend a salt delivery schedule that will work best for you and your water softening system. Ready to learn more? Call (573) 346-5221.

277 Lower Business Park Road • Linn Creek, MO 65052 • (573) 346-5221

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