Friday, April 7, 2017

5 Tips To Staying Hydrated This Spring

The weather is beginning to get warmer and spring fever is starting to kick in, which means we're starting to get out of the house more and more. While it's a good thing to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, it's important to remember to stay hydrated. It's a simple thing to remember, but it can be hard when we're busy enjoying things we have done in several months. Your Lake of the Ozarks Culligan Man® has a few tips that will hopefully help you stay hydrated this spring.

1. Enjoy More Fruit

Spring is a great season to enjoy more fruit, as many of our favorites are in season, such as apples, bananas, pineapples and strawberries. These fruits are not only delicious, but they have a high water, which can help aid in keeping you hydrated. While all berries are good for hydration, strawberries are the best with 92 percent water. Take advantage of these hydrating berries being in season, and enjoy them with yogurt or in your oatmeal!

2. Get Creative & Infuse

While plain, old water, the way Mother Nature makes it, is a beautiful thing, sometimes we need to jazz it up a bit. There are many different and exciting ways you can infuse your water to make it seem more like the treat your body sees it as. All you need to do is decide what you want to put in your water, and let them hang out for a few hour to help infuse the water with great flavor without adding chemicals or sugar. Some of the things you can put in your water include:

- Cucumbers
- Oranges
- Lemons
- Strawberries
- Blueberries
- Mint
- Basil

These are just a few of our favorite. Get creative and see what you like!

3. Drink From A Straw

If you're having some trouble drinking the proper amount of water, try putting a straw in your cup. Drinking through a straw helps you drink larger amounts in a shorter period of time. While drinking through a straw, a vacuum is created, meaning we're ingesting only liquid, not liquid and oxygen like when taking a normal sip, which means more liquid in each sip and few sips until the bottle's empty.  In addition, if the cup that the straw is in is clear, being able to see how much water is left could encourage you to finish it. You could also draw "time lines" on your water bottle, to see where the water level should be by each hour.

4. Find A Hydration Buddy

If you aren't holding yourself accountable to your goals, get someone on board with you who will encourage you. Whether it's your significant other, best friend or co-worker, get someone who can help you stay on track. Let each other know how many ounces of water you've had so far in a day for a simple reminder and to give you the motivation to go fill up your bottle or keep on sipping. Before you know it, drinking your needed ounces during the day will become second nature and you can move onto the next health goal.

5. Use Culligan's Services

Whether you install a reverse osmosis system or do our Lake of the Ozarks water delivery services, just find a way to filter out the yucky chemicals that are hiding in the water. Once you do, it's amazing how tasty water is, and you will naturally want to drink more of it. At Culligan Lake of the Ozarks, we make it easy for you to have clean, refreshing drinking water right at your fingertips!

Drinking water is an essential part of your household and diet, and proper hydration is important no matter the season. Culligan® Lake of the Ozarks makes it easy and affordable to stay hydrated year-round. For the purest and most refreshing water available, Culligan® drinking water systems and Culligan® Bottled water and Bottle-Free® Coolers are just a few of the services Culligan® Lake of the Ozarks provides. Learn how you can get great tasting water this spring delivered right to you. Visit our website at or contact us at 573-346-5221.

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