Friday, October 21, 2016

Your Culligan Questions Answered!

For every in home water problem, there is a Culligan solution! From water treatment professionals with local experience to industry leading technology for more efficiency and reliability in all things water, your Lake of the Ozarks Culligan specialists are here to help. Let us answer some of your basic questions here.

What do you offer?

Residential, commercial and industrial water softening.
Water filtration and treatment for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Drinking water systems
Bottleless and traditional water coolers
Bottled water delivery for home and office
In home and lab water testing
Delivery, installation and maintenance of all water treatment solutions

What kind of contaminants could be in my water?

While certain water contaminants, like iron, sulfur, and dissolved solids, are easy to spot by residue, other potentially harmful contaminants, like arsenic and led, can go undetected by the senses. How can Culligan help? You can learn more about common water contaminants by having a Culligan lab-certified water test done.

What else can a water softener do besides condition my water?

Culligan water softeners not only reduce hard water and its effects on your home, they are also designed to help reduce water contaminants, scale buildup, and electricity use, plus extend the life of your appliances, deliver better-tasting water, and make cleaning easier – from sparkling dishes to softer laundry and more.

If I choose Culligan home bottled water deliver service, what do I have to do to ensure service?

All you have to do is decide on a water delivery schedule that fits your needs and start enjoying the convenience of endless, clean, better-tasting water at home. Don’t worry about anything else, when your water bottles are empty, your Culligan Man returns to exchange them for full water bottles. Your local Culligan representative can help you with questions you may have about delivery and scheduling.

Could a home water filtration system be a good option for me?

You can experience the benefits of professionally treated water throughout your house with Culligan whole house water filters. These systems will reduce particles, contaminants, or imbalances so you can reap the benefits of drinking and using Culligan water daily. A whole house water filter treats your problems at the source and our filtration solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

Culligan Lake of the Ozarks wants to help you get the most out of your Culligan water solutions. Contact your local Culligan Man and he will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best options for clean, fresh drinking water - don't wait another day!

Schedule your free home water analysis today!

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